Marko Macura
Marko Macura was born in Belgrade 1971. He lived in the USA in the '80s, where he began his undergraduate studies at RISD. His education continued at the Art Center of Design, Switzerland. Upon completion with honors, Marko moved in 1994 to The Netherlands, where he started his professional activities at Philips Design. He obtained various awards such as the IF, Goed Industrial Ontwerp, and the Australian Design Award. Since 1998 he focused on visionary and strategic projects at Philips Design.

In January 2002 Marko established his studio in The Netherlands, Macura Design, while devoting a part time schedule as strategic design consultant for Philips Design. Macura Design focuses on creative furniture and lighting solutions as well as domestic objects. Culturally divers settings in which he lived during the formative and professional years enriched his views and sensibilities. His mission is to create ideas and objects, which are inspired by a constant reflection on our lives and lifestyles.

Recent projects have been exhibited in Milan, Cologne, Tokyo, London and Eindhoven.