Jacob Pringiers
Jacob Pringiers was born in Gent, Belgium in 1970. He lived most of his childhood in Sri
Lanka whereafter he moved to Milan, Italy to persue his passion for design.
His studies took him later to Switzerland and the US where he continued his studies at the
Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles. In Florida he worked for Wellcraft marine designing various watercrafts including the 23 SCARAB as seen in the blockbuster "FACE OFF".
He collaborated with Morelli and Melvin in California on Steve Fossett's mega racing cataman "PLAYSTATION" (now CHEYENNE). In 1996 he moved back to Milan to further his carreer in product design.
In 1998, together with his partner Luca Casini, he starts the renowned design studio CASINI&PRINGIERS ASSOCIATES in the center of Milan where they develop projects for various clients in industrial, fashion accessories, and graphic design.Amongst their clients:BIC, WMF, LUXOTTICA, ASA-SELECTION, ARCADE, RITZENHOFF, RIVA, etc. In 2000 he begins teatching at the industrial design department of the Politecnic University of Milan.