B.R.F. Color is a company located in the provinces of Siena and Florence territory which is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy in terms of landscape, full of accommodation, restaurants, spa such as: House Chianti, Farmhouse San Gimignano, San Gimignano Hotel, Apartment Val d'Orcia, Farmhouse near Siena, but also traditions and culture of the area that has seen the development of hand-crafting of any kind to be reported especially those relating to the leather and it is precisely in this area has seen its birth to its development BRF Color. The company belongs to the industrial geography of furniture, furnishings young, contemporary design, which has meant that BRF reached important goals at national and international exhibitions in design museums around the world, publications in books, in newspapers cover, presence on the screen ... all this with a range of products whose job it is if possible to "redesign" making life a bit 'more livable and happy.