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B.R.F. Srl - Loc. S. Marziale - 53034 Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena) ITALY
Tel. +39.(0)577.929418 - Fax +39.(0)577.929648
E-mail: info@brfcolors.com
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BRF design furniture company

B.R.F., a springboard for young companies since 1992, has given life to symbolic pieces of the design furniture, with some of the most interesting personalities in contemporary design furniture, as Marco Maran, Prospero Rasulo... BRF company history

We do not want to answer a primary need, but we believe that life can be "redesigned", starting with the products that surround us every day, to make it a little more enjoyable and cheerful... BRF company philosophy

Here then, design sofas, chairs, coat-racks, trolleys, tables chest of drawers etc. become symbols of an idea of design home furniture, different from the traditional one... BRF color

The company is never immobile but it evolves continually. We do not follow our guidelines in a rigid, schematic way but we are constantly attentive to the sociocultural changes going on around us every day.... BRF company evolution

BRF modern design furniture catalog, contemporarydesign furniture catalogue

Our italian modern design furniture reached important goals on a national and international scale: items in design museums, in various leading publications of the field, in TV programs and the cinema as well as in internationally famous fashion and interior design magazines and in advertisements. BRF design furniture is capable of representing design culture and sensing. Famous collection of design furnishings that symbolise a fundamental segment in the story of Italian home office design furniture...

BRF modern design furniture designers

The company's design furniture collection is rich and has given life to symbolic pieces, as well as being surrounded by some of the most interesting designers in contemporary design furniture, such as:

Arredo Design